Guild Presentations

I currently have the following presentations by which I provide guild entertainment, and am working additional options for the coming year. My current fee is $300 per event, no mileage. I have one workshop to offer.

Presentations include:

  • Bringing Out The Best In Your Quilt – A Longarmer’s Perspective. This topic provides great information to the quilt makers from an experienced longarm quilters perspective. I use humor and brutal honesty to relate important ways for a quilt maker to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded when their quilt is returned from the longarm quilter. I generally receive many hugs from the longarm quilters in the group afterwards for saying all the things they feel like they can’t. Pertinent tips also provided for those not using a longarm quilter.

For this presentation I bring a laptop and projector, along with a few props, to show examples of averted disasters, problematic quilts and miracles worked. I offer explanations of the various types of quilting available as well as differences between freehand, pantograph and computer aided quilting.

  • Antique Quilts and The Importance of Appraisals. I like to do this lecture in conjunction with individual appraisals before or after the guild meeting. During the meeting I pass around a few old quilts and talk to members about what appraisals are, why they are so important (especially for new quilts) and some interesting facts/timeframes and what to look for in an antique quilt.

Many quilt owners are unaware of the importance of appraising their NEW quilts, as well as their heirlooms. Insurance companies will value a quilt at the value of the receipt, i.e. how much you spent on the fabric. As we ALL know, that is FAR from the actual replacement value of our precious items.

  • One Block, 12 Quilts. This presentation is a show and tell, of 13 quilts made from one single block, that each look entirely different. The moral of the story is to show guild members how taking one pattern or block and changing the color choices, setting, sashing, etc. can result in completely different quilts.

As a bonus item for this presentation, I have quilted the quilts with different batting types, and pass the quilts around so the weight and drape of the various battings used can be felt.

  • No Pattern, No Problem.  Afraid of buying panels or large scale fabric because you don’t have a pattern to fit it into? Some fabric is just too cute to be cut up into small pieces! In this trunk show of quilts, I will display a wide variety of quilts, from simple to complicated, small and large, that can be made without a pattern. Your members will be eager to visit the local quilt shop afterwards to purchase those panels and cute large-repeat fabrics as soon as they leave!

Workshop offered with this program at $35 per attendee. Members would need to bring focus fabric and coordinating material, will receive personal instruction and attention, and may very well leave the workshop with a finished quilt!